Authentic Project Ideas – Ants

Most couples celebrating their anniversary would sit and watch a romantic sunset after a special dinner.  My husband and I celebrated our anniversary by watching ants and several drops of a melted chocolate marshmallow from cooking s’mores over a fire.  Obviously, nerd marrying a nerd works because we were celebrating our 38th.

We were curious as to how long it would take the many ants that were out to find the chocolate.  Finally, one did, and it seemed to very much be enjoying itself. (If you look closely the happy ant is to the right of the biggest drop.) We thought the ant might then go and somehow inform the rest that dinner had been served.  When the ant took off, quickly, it went right through a line of ants and kept on going away from the rest of them.

Nearby, there was another group of ants very aggressively pursuing a dying dragonfly. They did not seem interested in the chocolate. (No accounting for taste.)

Authentic Driving Questions:  Do ants prefer bugs to chocolate? (That would just be sad!) How do ants communicate?  Will one ant communicate to the rest of the ants that there is a food source available?  How do ants live?  Colonies?

Create an actual living ant colony. Just don’t waste any chocolate marshmallows on them!

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