Authentic Project Ideas – Playgrounds

We just spent several days on playgrounds with our two-year-old fearless grandson.  He is a tad bit of an adrenaline junkie and I am now totally grey!

Playgrounds have changed so much since I was a child in the stone age.  They are actually much safer, so I really shouldn’t fret so much about my grandson climbing to the top of very, extremely, awfully tall equipment. 

Watching him play got me thinking of possible authentic projects about designing the perfect playground.  This could be a simple project for very young students, up to a complex math activity for older students (including advanced measurement skills, budget and cost analysis).

The history of playgrounds could be explored from see saws of centuries ago to the modern playgrounds of today.  The continued improvements for both fun and safety could also be explored.

Models, timelines, diagrams, maps…have fun!

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