It’s the Authentic Experience in all academic disciplines that truly makes a difference in what a child will not only learn, but internalize and use.  Exposure in isolation does not have the same impact as the Authentic Experience.  Drilling for hours doesn’t come close to the impact of even a quick, but Authentic, hit.
Most teachers and parents are extremely busy and may overlook the quick and easy Authentic ExperienceS for children.  One of the main focuses of this blog is a reminder about all of those wonderful Authentic Teaching moments out there.  Sometimes I’ll go into detail if I think the details are important, but usually I’ll try to just put out a quick note about anything that strikes me as a great Authentic Learning moment for kids.
My other focus will be Authentic Project Ideas for parents and teachers.  Again, I will go into detail when the details are important, but often I’ll just relay ideas that come to me, or that I come across.
I am also very proud of my books, One School’s Journey, and our follow-up book One school’s Journey – further down the Path.  These books, written by my former and forever principal and me, tell the story of our school’s journey to understand Authentic Teaching and Learning. We have had very positive feedback about both books and how they really explain what makes an experience Authentic.  One School’s Journey – futher down the path is available on Amazon, free on Kindle Unlimited!  (Further down the path includes most of our first book.)


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Authentic Project Ideas – Ski Slopes

There are ski slopes a few blocks from our home.  We always enjoy seeing the snow on the slopes and watching the skiers racing downhill.  I tried skiing once.  I raced right down that hill.  Not because I was a natural skier, but because I had no control – could not turn, could not stop.  … Continue reading Authentic Project Ideas – Ski Slopes

Teaching Authentically By Subject

Well, it’s a New Year, and I am back on my kick of trying to better organize my blog.  Once again, I tried to break my posts down into reading, writing, math, science, social studies….  The problem (or good news) is that when you are teaching authentically, you really can’t and don’t want to separate … Continue reading Teaching Authentically By Subject

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