Authentic Project Ideas – Trucks

Our two-year-old grandson is infatuated with trucks.  Fire trucks, cement trucks, delivery trucks, freight trucks, construction trucks, food trucks, garbage trucks – especially garbage trucks!

It is amazing how many different kinds of trucks there are.  This is one topic where the driving question for an authentic project can be as broad or narrow as you like.  And this is also an easy topic to use for any age group.  Actually – all driving questions for authentic projects can be as broad or narrow as you like, and most topics can be used with any age group.

How many different types of trucks are there?  (I think perhaps millions based on the truck videos we have watched with our grandson the last few days!)  Can trucks be broken down into categories?  What kind of categories?  What kind of new truck do you think we need?

Design a better fire truck, construction truck, garbage truck…

Create a poster of different kinds of trucks…

Build a model of a new truck…

And might I add that on-line videos of garbage trucks are actually quite fascinating!

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