Authentic Project Ideas – Designing a Carousel

I saw this whimsical carousel in Boston.  I love the sea-life included in the carousel, so appropriate as Boston is all about seafood!

It would be a fun authentic project to design a carousel (lots of math, lots of writing) and perhaps incorporate a theme from where you live, or what you enjoy, into the carousel.  It could feature famous landmarks, favorite sports, characters from books…

Your students could even build a model of their carousel.  A working model could incorporate the authentic topics of energy and motion.

Maybe even design and build a model amusement park.  With authentic projects the sky – and beyond – is the limit.

2 thoughts on “Authentic Project Ideas – Designing a Carousel

  1. I would love lesson plans for this. I think I’ll make it a project for my kids when we can start allowing group work. I would also like for them to add a mechanical piece to make it rotate, even a simple design or tool.


    1. Hi Virginia, I’m so happy you like this idea!
      My ideas are prompts to give you ideas for possible projects. I don’t have a lesson plan for this. I would love to hear what you end up doing! Best of luck, Ellie


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