Tex The Explorer: Journey Through Our Solar System

I am very happy to announce that the fourth book in our award-winning “Tex the Explorer” series is finished and published!  Tex the Explorer: Journey Through Our Solar System is available on Amazon.  Eyen and I are really excited about this book!

Tex is a young T-Rex. He loves to explore. For his birthday his parents gave him a rocket ship. Tex is off to explore our Solar System!

Authentic Learning – Never too Young to Explore Books

Authentic learning can’t start too young.  Exposing children to books and reading should start the day they are born.  As they grow, let them explore and enjoy books that interest them, on their level. 

Having a rich reading environment for children is hugely important.  Not only having lots of high interest reading material available, but having care-givers that model reading as well.

And remember, reading is reading. It doesn’t need to be Shakespeare for a child to grow as a reader. I am a voracious reader, mostly sci-fi. I don’t believe I would be the reader I am without sci-fi. No offense to the Great Bard, but not my cup of English tea. I’ve been reading sci-fi since I was old enough to hold a book. And now I write it!

And yep – that is my book, Tex the Explorer: Journey to Mars.  And yep – it is upside down! (Authentic Exploration)

Tex the Explorer: Journey Around the Earth Receives Sixth Award!


front cover copy

Tex the Explorer: Journey Around the Earth has won the following awards:


2020 indieBRAG® Medallion Honoree

2020 Independent Press Award® Distinguished Favorite

2020 Story Monsters Approved®

2019 Chanticleer International Book Awards Shortlist

2019 Mom’s Choice Awards® Silver Recipient

2019 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards Winner

Available on Amazon.

Tex the Explorer: Journey to Mars Wins Independent Press Award – Distinguished Favorite


I am really excited to announce that Tex the Explorer: Journey to Mars won a Distinguished Favorite honor from the Independent Press Awards in the Picture Book Category.

This international competition is judged by industry experts and had entries from around the world.  Eyen and I are truly honored!

Tex the Explorer: Journey to Mars is available on Amazon.  (Read for free on Kindle Unlimited)