Authentic Project Ideas – Pineapples

I was very surprised to see this is how pineapples grow.  For some reason I thought the fruit part grew underground, and all you saw was the green leafy part sticking out of the ground.

So, at least some kinds of pineapples grow this way.  Are there different kinds of pineapples? Do all varieties of pineapples grow this way? Have the leaves ever been used for anything?  How did pineapples get their name?  What is the history of the pineapple?

Read about pineapples. Create a chart about the different parts of the pineapple. Write about the history of the pineapple. Create a diorama showing how pineapples grow. Do a taste comparison of different brands of pineapples. Is the taste impacted by where the pineapple grows? So many authentic ways to go with this…

And if this project turns into developing a recipe for a great pineapple upside cake – that is authentic learning – and please send me the recipe!

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