Authentic Project Ideas – The Nutcracker


The Nutcracker. What is the history of the Nutcracker?  What country did the Nutcracker originate in?  How did the Nutcracker become associated with the holidays?

Design a Nutcracker.  Start a photo journal of unique Nutcrackers.  Make an authentic Nutcracker…

Most Nutcrackers are carved from wood.  What are other wooden toys?  How did toys of the past differ from toys of the present?  (Authentic projects start with one topic and frequently evolve to another topic.)

2 thoughts on “Authentic Project Ideas – The Nutcracker

  1. You have some great ideas about studying nutcrackers. But, what about following the lead of the children? That’s what we do in project learning.
    We have been dancing to the Nutcracker in preschool. An argument erupted: Boys cannot be ballerinas! Yes, they can! No, they can’t. So, we are bringing in a local ballerino to talk and dance with them. They are learning about a beautiful art and wonderful music, but mot importantly, about gender stereotypes. To me, this is authentic learning.


    1. I totally 100% agree with you! That is why I usually include a comment about following the interests of the children.. For example learning about nutcrackers may lead to a project about wooden toys…etc… That is authentic learning!


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