Authentic Project Ideas – The Polar Vortex

cold weather

We are currently experiencing some of the coldest weather that I can ever remember.  Our high today was 9 degrees Fahrenheit/-12 degrees Celsius.  The meteorologists on The Weather Channel blamed a polar vortex.  What is a polar vortex?  What causes a polar vortex?  Can you draw a polar vortex?  Make a model?  Does a polar vortex start at the North Pole?  South Pole?

Do dark colors keep you warmer than light colors? Why?  Can you design a winter coat that will keep you warm in extremely cold weather?  (For authentic learning, go with student interest!  If your student is not interested in the weather, maybe you can get them interested in clothes and fashion for cold weather.  If they are reading, writing, and doing math, that is all that matters!)

And if you don’t see another blog post from me for awhile, my fingers froze to the keyboard and I am waiting to defrost!

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