The Holidays – Giving IS Better than Receiving


So, I will admit to being a total addict to the Hallmark Channel once the holiday programming starts.  Yes, I totally get it that it is the same script, with minor changes, rotating a handful of actors, in every single show.  But there is just something addicting about these shows.

Hallmark really does a fantastic job of catching the perfect holiday season.  And excuse my arm-chair psychology here – but I think very few, if any, people experience a perfect holiday season.  There is the huge build up, and then the let-down as plans don’t work out as expected.

This is bad enough for adults, but imagine the let-down for the child who doesn’t yet understand that there really is no such thing as a “perfect” holiday.  This is even worse for the children in our population who are bombarded with the television shows and advertisements showcasing that perfect day, and in their world, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

This is why I think that the holidays are the perfect time to teach “giving” as the most important part of the season.  This can start with even very young children.  If the season includes a focus on making others happy, it is harder to be disappointed.

I have tried to give as many gifts as I can that tie into charity organizations.  From buying holiday cards that make a difference, to gifts that give back.  Donating to Toys for Tots, picking a family from an Angel Tree…there are so many ways to give back.  Not only will this make the holiday season better for you and your kids, it will brighten up the season for those in need.

Well, gotta go…the next show on the Hallmark Channel is starting!

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