NASA – Fantastic Authentic Project Resource


This is a fantastic resource for authentic projects:

NASA Weekly Emails for Teachers

NASA is involved with anything and everything that has to do with flight and space exploration.  They also are involved in many other areas of science and technology that have been offshoots from their research (biology, medicine, ecology, geography…).  When I visited the NASA Glenn Research Center as part of an educator program, I was honestly stunned by the wide and varied research they were doing!  So even if you aren’t planning an authentic project about flight or space, don’t overlook this valuable resource!

National Wildlife Federation Resource Site – Becoming an Eco-School


This site looks like a super resource for anyone thinking about starting an authentic project about going “green.”  Plus they use the word “journey” in their description, and I am all about the journey!

From the National Wildlife Federation:  How Do You Become an Eco-School?

“Through school-based action teams of students, administrators, educators and community volunteers, Eco-Schools combines effective ‘green’ management of the school grounds, facilities and the curriculum.  Our new Eco-Schools USA Handbook is designed to provide a streamlined resource for those schools just starting their sustainability journey and for those who are looking for a refresher or answers to specific questions.”