Great Resource for Agriculture Projects


This site is a wealth of authentic information for teachers and students about farming.  There are free resources and lesson plans, food and farm facts, and much more….

“The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture is helping learners of all ages understand agriculture and the important role it plays in our daily lives.”

Scott Hamilton Skates the Universe – Full of Space Facts!


Scott Hamilton Skates the Universe on YouTube

Well someone must have been trying to make me happy – like REALLY happy!

In 2001 the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum created this video with Scott Hamilton, skating his way through great facts about our universe.  Short but packed with information about space, and really fun to watch.

Space Science + Figure Skating = really made for me!

Why am I just finding this now?

The Planetary Society – Another Great Space Resource

IMG_20180808_162929Quilt by Linda Smith

Another great resource for space science and space exploration is The Planetary Society.  While joining does give you greater access to everything on the site – and helps to support their charter of promoting space exploration –  there are plenty of things on this site that can be accessed without joining.  Robert Picardo, of Star Trek Voyager fame, is the host of very informative and engaging videos.  (Kids love him – he has a great sense of humor!)


National Geographic Education Resource Site


The National Geographic Society has a super resource site for educational resources.

It has Classroom Resources including a library and maps, Professional Development including grants and an educator network, and lots more.  This site is loaded with great stuff!  Check it out!


NASA – Fantastic Authentic Project Resource


This is a fantastic resource for authentic projects:

NASA Weekly Emails for Teachers

NASA is involved with anything and everything that has to do with flight and space exploration.  They also are involved in many other areas of science and technology that have been offshoots from their research (biology, medicine, ecology, geography…).  When I visited the NASA Glenn Research Center as part of an educator program, I was honestly stunned by the wide and varied research they were doing!  So even if you aren’t planning an authentic project about flight or space, don’t overlook this valuable resource!