Authentic Resource – The United States Mint

US Coins

This site has a wealth of information for children and educators, including games and activities for students, collectors clubs, plans for teachers, the history of coins, and much more!

A fantastic source of authentic ideas for projects and information about coins.

Fantastic Authentic Resource – Schmidt Ocean Institute


The Schmidt Ocean Institute has a wealth of information including lesson plans.  This is a fantastic resource for authentic learning experiences and projects tied into the oceans.  There are also links to other phenomenal resources.  A real treasure chest of information!


Great Authentic Resource – The U.S. Department of Agriculture Site


From the U.S. Department of Agriculture, this site is a gold mine of information about anything and everything to do with agriculture.  The site has information for students, parents, and teachers.  Animal and plant health, food and nutrition, safety inspections, forest service, conservation…  Definitely worthwhile to check this site out!

One School’s Journey is Shortlisted for the Chanticleer International Book Awards

chanticleer medal

I am very excited to announce that One School’s Journey made Chanticleer International Award’s Shortlist for Instruction and Insight Books.  I am so very proud of this book and honored to be on this list.

One School’s Journey tells the story of the discovery and use of authentic projects to reach and teach students. While offering procedure, guidance, and examples, this is not a book of lesson plans.  Our bias is that for true authentic teaching you cannot follow someone else’s lesson plans.  Authentic projects come from the heart and are adapted to meet the needs and interests of students.   Our hope is that the reader will find inspiration from what we discovered as we set down the path to authentic teaching and learning.

One School’s Journey by Eleanor K. Smith and Margaret Pastor is available in paperback and on Kindle from Amazon.

chanticleer slosj

Another Great Resource – NOAA


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

This is the NOAA site for educators.  It contains a “boat load” (pun intended) of information on anything and everything pertaining to the oceans and the atmosphere.

Great Resource for Agriculture Projects


This site is a wealth of authentic information for teachers and students about farming.  There are free resources and lesson plans, food and farm facts, and much more….

“The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture is helping learners of all ages understand agriculture and the important role it plays in our daily lives.”

Scott Hamilton Skates the Universe – Full of Space Facts!


Scott Hamilton Skates the Universe on YouTube

Well someone must have been trying to make me happy – like REALLY happy!

In 2001 the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum created this video with Scott Hamilton, skating his way through great facts about our universe.  Short but packed with information about space, and really fun to watch.

Space Science + Figure Skating = really made for me!

Why am I just finding this now?