Operation Gratitude


One of the most important lessons in social responsibility that we can teach children is to give thanks to those who serve and protect us.  Thanking soldiers and first responders for what they do is an authentic experience for students, and one that makes a real difference to those who serve.

Operation Gratitude is a wonderful organization that sends care packages with scarves and letters to soldiers and first responders. They have very clear instructions and guidelines for teachers to use with students regarding making cards and writing letters.

While the holiday season is still a few months away, holiday cards generally need to be received a few months ahead of time.  They do accept cards and letters year-round, so if the timing for holiday cards does not work, thank you notes and cards can be sent to them anytime.

Cards are mailed to their headquarters in California.  While it shouldn’t be that expensive to pack up and mail letters or cards, don’t miss the authentic experiences available in fundraising to pay for postage for your package.

This is also a great authentic project for parents to do at home with kids.

*My knitting group donated over 100 scarves to Operation Gratitude care packages last year and I was impressed with what I learned about this organization while working with them. I am already busy knitting away for this year.



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