Music – The Ultimate Math Activity


I was inspired to write this post by these happy, beautiful faces in a photo I recently took.

This is not a project in the traditional sense of the word.  This is an authentic life activity. If your child shows any interest in music, encourage this!

Research shows that an involvement in music greatly improves a child’s ability with math.  Reading music is in actuality a mathematical experience.  On top of that, children who are involved in a musical group have social contacts, acceptance, peers…

And, students who are involved in a high school group or organization do better in school.  Let’s be honest, being a teenager is awkward, so having a group to “belong” to makes a huge difference.

*A message to Mr. Dave Shepard, Director Hollywood Hills High School Spartan Marching Band:  I know you are most likely no longer with us, but wanted to thank you. (Maybe there is internet in heaven.) When an overweight, overwhelmed freshman with low self-esteem walked up to you after the first day of ninth-grade band and told you she wasn’t good enough to be in that class, you asked her what kind of grades she got.  When she replied A’s, you quietly told her to go sit back down.  With that simple response you changed her life.

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